Reusable silicone lids

Have you ordered silicone lids yet? They are amazing and eco friendly. Easily packed and stored with so many uses. They come in multiple sizes which allows them to fit different containers, plates, bowls and cups. Some nights, I just don’t finish all of my food. So, to save time on doing extra dishes, I just pop one of the silicone lids on my plate. You can easily cover multiple different size cups, reducing the amount of plastic lids and containers you need. You can take any cup or bowl on the go with these lids. They fit snug and seem to be pretty air tight.

Found online.
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I researched different companies and their materials and ended up with the pictured above. Do your own research and find which company you like… just get you some reusable lids to help protect Mother Earth!

Not a paid advertisement! I just enjoy sharing products that better the earth and our lives💜

The story behind this company’s creation of the lids was a trip to Bali. While swimming, plastic wrap, grazed them then wrapped around them. They then realized the need for change. I am a surfer and water enthusiast so I have been touched by the plastic before. It really opens your eyes to the damage being done.

Super flexible; food grade material.

I hope that you will take efforts to clean up our oceans and lives at the same time. When you become aware of your waste you become aware of the true problem and our future if we don’t change. Research the #greatpacificgyre to have a better understanding of this topic and the importance of your role. We are not the problem but we are part of the problem. The convenience of single use plastic and our standards as humans must change. We will all die off one day so let’s leave Gaia in better condition than when we got there 🌏💚

My first solo travel outside the U.S.[Cabo San Lucas]

“You’re going to Mexico, alone? You are crazy… it’s so dangerous. You will get kidnapped by the cartel.” Although, I know the above is possible, I cannot live in fear.

On my last day, headed to the airport. This is where you can find surf.

It was 2014 and I wanted to go somewhere. None of my friends cared to save the money and go so I decided to go alone. Having friends would be a life line… most of my friends can speak some Spanish. Sharing experiences and cost would be a plus. I am grateful for how things worked out. I learned the importance of traveling alone, learning new things, facing obstacles( in another language). This experience was the most eye-opening time of that period of my life. It was my 25th year of life and I was ready for more.

I ended up staying about two blocks away from Cabo Wabo. It was a small, locally owned hotel. I had a very small room that met my needs. If I were to go back to Cabo, I would stay in the apartment studio on the 3rd floor.

I made smart decisions. I tried not to walk around late at night. On the second night, I fell asleep after walking around and didn’t wake up until about 8:30. I had to venture out so that I could eat. I researched some places online first so I wouldn’t need to have my phone out. I knew if I walked to a general region with lots of restaurants, along the Main Street, I’d be safe. I made it to a little Italian restaurant where I sat at the bar. The food was delicious and the staff were kind. I met the manager and saw that many people in town knew him. We became friends so I went back the next night. We ended up walking to a bar after and hung out for a bit. I was cautious. Never left my drink unattended or away from my hand. Before leaving I asked my friends to teach me how to say, “did you put something in my drink?” Le pusiste algo en mi bebida? I’ll never forget that saying. Instead of needing to use the phrase I finished the drink before heading to the bathroom. I did not have more than one to be safe. My friend then walked me home. It was romantic, we enjoyed the night under the stars. I sent him home and we planned to meet the next day.

The next day we met for a meal then he gave me a ride down the road to the beach. I informed my family of his vehicle and name before ever getting in his vehicle. I constantly told him that I knew he was part of the cartel. He knew everyone, was very handsome and did well providing for himself and his daughter. This was my initial thought because I had no real knowledge of Mexico outside of what we are told in America. We ate at a local spot, then he gave me a ride like I said. I bought my first designer glasses on my own at the luxury mall, next to the beach. I thought that was such a great purchase for myself and blah, blah, blah. Fast forward 6 years and I do still have the sunglasses. Only difference is, I would have saved that 500 dollars and used it on another trip! After the mall run, I went to the beach. Beaches in Cabo are not what you expect unless staying at the resorts. Outside of the resort area there aren’t many local spots. The waters are rough down there. So for me it was not my cup of tea. If you want to do a sunset boat tour or head out to fish for marlin then this is your spot.

Random friend I met on the beach. She ended up being a little baby! 16 years old. I think the young soul in my old body makes friends with younger people naturally.

I then walked home and relaxed. I got some local street tacos and just kicked back. I went up to the top floor and watched the sunset from the undone area. The next day, my male friend and I made plans for dinner. It was another romantic night. He was sweet. It was like a movie. We went to a local restaurant, shared a steak and drank a bottle of wine. I would not go home with him so the night ended after dinner.

On the last day of my trip I went zip lining. I met some beautiful twins on the bus. They were from California. Madison @madlibz and Morgan @momoliebz, we still keep in touch through Instagram from time to time. Social media has made it easier to keep up with friends I have met from across the lands. TRAVEL TIP ALERT: It it also a good idea to meet lots of people. Through my backpacking adventures, I learned that the backpacking community looks out for each other. So you can house each other in your host countries… reducing your biggest cost— ACCOMMODATIONS! The day brought me new adventures and landscapes. While zip-lining I realized how free I felt.

On the last night of the trip we went to a local taco/ soup spot and relaxed. I finally let him take me to his home. It was small and cozy. Everything we have in America, he had. He played the guitar and sang while I took in the A/C. We watched “forgetting Sarah Marshall,” on Netflix and chilled. No sex. I didn’t know him long enough for that. We kept in contact and met in Cancun later on. Six years laters and we remain friends. He now has a Sushi restaurant in Cabo!

You never know what each new place will bring you. For the most part, if you make smart decisions you will be safe. Do not fear getting out and seeing the world because of what you are told. You must experience the world and it’s lessons for yourself. Traveling is the best learning experience. The lessons learned on a trip will last longer than that moment. What you get out of it will be greater than what you spent… if you are doing it for the culture and experiences. If you are trying to travel like a wealthy american then I don’t know how much you will be exposed to. I prefer to travel cheap but smart. Luxuries for less is the goal. If you don’t have a passport, start working on that first!


I love May through September because of the fresh corn. It reminds me of going to the store with my dad. He loved fresh corn as he lathered it up with butter, sugar and salt. Savory, sweet and not very healthy. Now, I prefer the sweetness that comes naturally from, in season, fresh corn!

I am planning to get out of Dodge so #nowaste is the goal. So, here is a rough draft to a quick snack. I start by cleaning my lime and tearing off some of the husk. I break off the bottom and tear off the silk at the top. Then I break it in half and throw it in my double boiler (found in a little town at a random thrift store😍).

Boil with lid 5-7 minutes, I think:)

Remove carefully, if it’s too hot wait until it cools and remove husk.

As you can see, I still lather my corn. The amount depends on my mood.

Ingredients, listed in order of how I add them to the corn. I prefer this order to get the chili spices covered with lime before grating the parmigiana over the top. I like the nutty-cheesy flavor to come through:)

  • Mayo, I prefer vegan mayo, less calories, etc. and no egg flavor
  • Chili pepper, I used the first one I found.
  • Line(autocorrect🤦🏽‍♀️), use as much as you want. I usually use half of a line<— not a line of cocaine, a LIME!
  • Parmigiana reggiano, I had some in the fridge and didn’t want to open anything else. Use what you want or have.
  • Cilantro, if you want it.
Super quick and delicious snack! Buen provecho

Creamiest Hummus

One day, I was baking and needed to use aquafaba. If you don’t know about aquafaba, it is an awesome egg substitute. Canned garbanzo(chickpea) bean juice… so the cooked water, that the beans sit in. Never waste it! I keep it in an airtight container in the fridge until I need to use it. It last pretty long. I add a little salt to preserve it longer.

Anyways, since I was using it for baking, I whipped it. I used the left over whipped aquafaba in my hummus and it was the creamiest-light, somewhat whipped texture!

I’ll list the ingredients below. Flavor to your palette. If you prefer a spicier hummus, go for it! This snack was made to reduce waste! I don’t have a food processor so I use my blender. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to season yet, add the spices and salt slowly, blend and taste. Need more salt? Add it. Want it more spicy? Go for it but the more you blend and incorporate the spices, the spicier it taste.

  • 1 can of Garbanzo Beans, I prefer organic but do you
  • garlic~ 2 cloves, I prefer to mince it a bit before throwing it in the blender
  • lemon or lime, I had half of a lime left in the fridge, #nowaste
  • cayenne, paprika, chile pepper
  • himalayan salt or whatever you have
  • tahini
  • olive oil
  • water
  • whipped aquafaba
  • Sriracha, as a topper, depending on how I feel.

Blend and taste! If it is as you like, then enjoy or chill first. My blender gets it warm and sometimes I enjoy that. It usually makes enough for, my wide mouth pint jar. I believe thats the size.

Finished product😍

A little about my writings

Hola! All are welcome to join me for recipes, knowledge, travel +tips, low-waste/ sustainable living and all that’s in between. My goal is not intended to create a huge audience but if I do, thank you for joining me.

I have started to notice some memory loss. After, my last few surgeries with anaesthesia, head traumas and age, the loss becomes greater. To help combat my losses, I plan to write more down. I also find that a creative outlet will help me keep my mind healthy… so here I am, ready to share with you all! 

Each topic, I write about, resonates with my soul and how I want to live my life… for me and the future of Mother Earth🌎